Dining Al Fresco: Create an Outdoor Dining Room

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An exterior dining room can have many positive effects on human health

First of all, you spend time in the fresh air. Secondly, you are surrounded by nature and greenery. Finally, having meals outside or in different places also serves as a sort of escape from everyday routines.

Whether it’s spring or summer, dining al fresco can fill your day with joy.  So go ahead, spend a lazy, sultry afternoon in the shade behind your house. Absorb all the sights and sounds that nature has to offer. See what ways you can use to set up your signature outdoor dining room.

Flatten the Terrain

When you decide to create a dining room outside your house, take a look at the surface on the ground. If your backyard is bumpy and uneven, fill in holes and remove the bumps for an even structure.

Although you might have enough flat space for the table and chairs, still do some surfacing in the whole yard, because your guests can hurt their feet badly while approaching the table.

Marquee – Shelter for Outdoor Dining

If you want to make your outdoor dining space long-lasting, you will need some sort of a “ceiling” or cover. An arbor, large umbrella, or tent serve well as coverings and they meet the basic requirement of protecting you from the hot sun, rain, and wind. You can choose one of the many garden marquees.

This outside room “jacket” (see image below) comes in different shapes and sizes. If you expect a bit of bad weather and you do not want to relocate your celebration, a four-sided garden marquee will be the best choice. On the other hand, if you install the marquee in the garden during the warm season, an ordinary roof-only marquee can be the best choice.

Old School Terrace

When setting up an exterior dining room, applying a bit of vintage design is always stylish and tasty. If your backyard or patio is in the middle of painstakingly grown and nurtured greenery, create an outdoor dining space that’s more vintage and rudimentary. It will go hand in hand with the environment.

Many internet sites offer used furniture at really affordable prices and perhaps that is where you can find a suitable set of tables and chairs. This also opens an opportunity for you to take the used furniture and make it your own by refinishing it. That way you can paint them the color you want and create a newly designed garden set.

Also, when designing a vintage patio, do not forget benches. Benches in the garden or the outdoor dining space give the added touch of vintage decor. Apart from placing them in the garden itself, you can also create a circle of benches around the table, for potential social events that you might be organizing.

Creating an outdoor dining space in your garden or backyard will make you feel better.  You will be exposed to the clean air and micro-climate of your garden. Another benefit is that you can organize it and design it the way you want it.  So do not wait another moment and start doing it.

Bon Appetit!


Written by:  Sophie Andersen

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