Hiring The Right Contractor

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After working out a budget and a master plan for your remodel/renovation, now it’s time to hire a general contractor. We will assist you with finding the right contractor for the project.  When seeking out a contractor, we suggest you get three (3) bids.  This is a good number to compare how contractors price out their tasks.

Never ever go with the cheapest bid even if it’s the person your friend/relative recommended. If one bid stands out as much less than the others then it is too good to be true and you will be a victim of numerous “change orders”.

Contractors who bid very low may use this to reel the client in and then come back to the client every week or so with some sort of “problem or issue” claiming it was not on the original agreement so now they have to charge more.  We have seen it happen to our clients and the job never ended well, in fact, it ended up costing our clients more money.  We suggest going with the bid in the middle, a range between the lowest and highest. That contractor is giving a more honest price range.

One of the most important questions to ask when interviewing your prospective contractors is have they worked with a designer before. Watch their reaction and pay attention to how they respond. If they are evasive or say anything negative then they are not the right contractor for this particular project.  You are hiring a professional team to assist with bringing your plan to fruition.  Everybody has a job to do, you don’t want any Debbie Downers.

You must remember you are assembling a team and they all have to work well together. 

Some contractors might be amazing but if they don’t like to work with designers/architects or only have bad experiences of doing so, then they will be disruptive and not communicate well with the team thus sabotaging the hard work and sincerity of the other professionals and your remodel will end up with great disappointments for you. In short, do not hire anyone who does not have respect or positive things to say about working with designers/architects.