How To Budget For Your Design Project

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When planning to makeover or remodel your home, there are a few things to consider before you call in the troops.

First and foremost you need to establish a budget.  In the past, we have had clients tell us they don’t need a budget because if they like something they’ll just buy it. Others are not comfortable sharing their financial information. As your designer, we have absolutely no judgment regarding the amount of money you have and/or are working with.    

Only you know how much you want to spend, but we need to know a number in order to come up with the best plan of action. Your budget is the tool that helps us to propose the best design solutions and to guide the project appropriately.  Knowing the tools we have to work with,  we can complete the project smoothly with fewer time delays.  

Without a budget, it will be impossible for us to recommend design parameters or merchandise effectively.

Budgets are important not only for décor; remodels often result in disappointment because clients did not research the costs for their project; e.g. they get a home equity loan but will it be enough? How can you be sure?  The cost for a good-quality remodel in the Houston area is approximately $200.00 – $350.00 per square foot. To calculate what you should expect to pay a contractor and the cost of building materials measure wall to wall on both sides of the room. Multiply these two numbers together to get your square footage and then multiply that sum by the dollar amounts. 

For example, a 12’ X 14’ kitchen:

  • 12×14 = 168 sq.ft.
  • 168×$200 = $33,600 OR
  • 168×$350 = $58,800

The range you should expect to pay is between $33,600 and $58,800 for a decent remodel of a kitchen this size. Of course, if you want to purchase higher-end appliances and cabinetry you will be spending a greater amount of money, however, this formula will give you a realistic base from which to make decisions. If you are doing a larger project, measure each room in the same manner and add each room footage together to get the total. Again multiply by the same dollar amounts – this will be your cost range.  

Also, take into consideration that COVID-19 has raised the price of EVERYTHING from wood to shipping/delivery costs.  AND it has affected delivery timelines.

Keep in mind that you may go budget due to what is known as “unforeseeable”: dry rot, foundation damage, water damage, old/poor electrical wiring, etc. No one has the ability to see through walls and the hired professionals won’t discover these types of problems until after demolition has begun. The caution here is to have a financial wiggle-room, having only the exact amount with no reserve for potential issues will create panic and delays. Take your time to research and plan your finances accordingly. 

Design and architectural services are never part of this formula.