My Signature Bedroom for Teens

Interior Design Workshop For Teens

My Signature Bedroom is a workshop developed for teens ages 14 to 18 who want to learn the basic decorating principles and techniques to create a bedroom that shows their personality and style.  This life skills practicum gives students a quick and easy overview of the design process and they will learn practical skills and principles of good design.

In this exciting hands-on class, students will learn how to:

  • Space Plan (placement of furniture to create a natural flow in the space)
  • Resource the latest color and design trends to develop a plan
  • Shop for accents and accessories to bring all the design elements together to create an inspiring environment
  • Use of color, texture, and lighting
  • Recycle & Repurpose existing furnishings and decor
  • Look at a room and identify what's needed to complete the look

My Signature Bedroom is an educational, yet fun workshop where teens are empowered with real design know-how.

Our curriculum includes the basic guidelines of interior decorating that students can easily learn and put into practice, such as identifying style components, creating methods to stay organized, using the principles/elements of design (color, texture, scale, and balance), and applying them into their space.


Design Kit is included in the course fee:

  • NoteBook, 3 Ring Binder, Colored pencils, Pen/Pencil, Measuring tape, Room & Furniture Layout Kit, Tote Bag, Picture Hanging Kit, Level

Click the registration button to join our mailing list on upcoming workshop dates.  Due to Covid-19, class size is limited.


Students will be expected to complete daily lessons, individual projects, group work, and group projects. There will be worksheets, study guides, daily projects, a design portfolio, and a comprehensive project. Quizzes may be given periodically to check for understanding.  Students are asked to bring pictures of what inspires them, as well as photos of the bedroom to be addressed on the first day of class.

Students will be able to design and layout their bedroom

Students will be able to create balanced and harmonious living spaces

Students will be able to execute practical skills and principles of good design

Students will complete a comprehensive final project